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Flight Club at the Cincinnati spot

Squishy filming from a proximity wing at another favorite flying location.
Tags: flying-wings

FPV Flying Wing - Proximity Ground Currents

Navigating ground winds with a flying wing. Custom cut 48" flying wing Turnigy SK3 3536 1400kv
Tags: flying-wings

FPV Wing Racing

FPV wing racing and testing with the boys of the Flight Club. The wings flown here are all prototype designs.
Tags: flying-wings

Planks of the Club

Sean filming the FPV wings of the Flight Club mainly James, Nick and Nate at some cool locations near Sacramento CA during testing.
Tags: multirotors, general

Dances with Trees

Sean and James with some proximity formation, filmed from three cameras using multirotor, fixed wing and LOS chase pilots all at the same time.
Tags: flying-wings, multirotors, general

La Jolla Beach

Enjoying a nice day at the beach.
Tags: multirotors