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Exploring in the fog

Sean with a mini quad filming some proximity practice while scouting a new location.
Tags: multirotors

Raptor vs Flying Wing

Taken down by a territorial Red-tailed Hawk while flying near Mather, California. I suspect this was a mother protecting her nest, so I'll be leaving this area alone for a while.
Tags: flying-wings

Living Nor Cal FPV

A bunch of recent flight video and a great song. Living FPV, California style, and racing is making it big in this cut.
Tags: multirotors

Palm Trees in January

Sean hitting some gaps while batteries are sagging in the January cold
Tags: multirotors

Goat Rock, CA

Flight Club member Chris, having some fun at Goat Rock, CA with his mini quad.
Tags: multirotors

Bridge Session

Squishy with multirotor footage of formation flights with the club at one of our favorite spots.
Tags: multirotors, general